Jujutsu Kaisen : A hope of Gojo Saturo rebirth

jujutsu kaisen : A hope of Gojo Saturo rebirth. Explore a world where hope and destiny collide in a thrilling battle for rebirth. Date 22/9/2023 In the anime world the most favorite and powerful character of jujutsu kaisen gojo saturo is dead .

Jujutsu Kaisen : A hope of Gojo Saturo rebirth

chapter 236 in jujutsu kaisen

In jujutsu kaisen the fight between Gojo and Sakuna the “cutting through space” technique or ability was completely uncalled for and just appeared out of nowhere. It was as if Gojo’s death had to be forcefully incorporated, making it all the more disappointing that the entire fight had perfect peace until chapter 235, but the ending was rushed. The most famous anime all around the world just because of gojo .

Chapter 236 begins with Gojo talking with the spirits of his friends, geto, nanami, and haibara. He also meets Riki and Kuroi and bids them farewell before the scene changes to his lifeless body lying on the ground. Instead of directly attacking Gojo, Moraga targeted the Space around him.

 chapter 238 in jujutsu kaisen :

jujutsu kaisen that it was sukuna’s explained the technique,” Dismantle” that landed the final blow. Skuna’s major obstacle in the fight was bypassing gojo infinity, He used mahoragas ability to adapt to the technique. Instead of directly cutting gojos, sakuna slashed the space or rather the world around him. That way, Gojo Infinity was rent in him forcing Mahoraga to adapt more.

The only good thing was that Gojo didn’t regret dying at the hands of someone stronger. And his death did not happen because of some illness or old age

Chapter 238 features the fight between Sukun and Kashimo. When Sukun launches the dismantle technique, Kashima instantly realizes that this is the attack that ended Gojo. Kashimo describes it as “an attack that can slash the world “

Kashimo barely manages to dodge it. However, the skuna then launches a net of dismantl slashes, ending Kashimo with one attack Skauna is currently the strongest character in “.Jujutsu Kaisen : A hope of Gojo Saturo rebirth”. His simple yet effective technique has already claimed the lives of two extremely strong sorcers. gojo and Kashimo these legendary sorcerers met their end at Skuna’s hands

But there’s one more interesting thing in the scenes from the afterlife “gojo rebirth” said goodbye to everyone who is dead and also a scene of Pond Sith lotus flower. we all know the lotus flower represents rebirth so does that mean he is still alive or will repeat the same thing he did in the fight with to? Or the gojo rebirth?

Hoping for a rebirth of gojo saturo in jujutsu kaisen

JUJUTSU KAISEN :Gojo Saturo death threats to akutami

Jujutsu kaisen fans bought a gojo death was controversial on Akutami’s part the strongest was subsequently killed most absurdly. Sakuna slashed his body in half and almost confirmed by the villain’s words ‘ I won’t forget you as long as I live”

gojo saturo is back in jujutsu kaisen

Will Gojo be reborn again?

Babu Gujo is not brought back to life, and there is no indication of his return. Instead, during the conflict against Khashimo in Chapter 237, Sukuna undergoes a transformation reminiscent of his original heinous form.

Who can defeat Satoru Gojo?

Despite his power, there are anime characters like Yagami Light, Aizen, and Yami who could pose a threat to Satoru in a battle. Characters such as Alucard, Goku, Isshiki Otsutsuki, and Giorno Giovanna are also strong contenders who could potentially defeat Satoru.

Why did Gojo get banned?

Shortly after the conclusion of the Shibuya Incident arc, Noritoshi Kamo discovered that Kenjaku had utilized his abilities as an accomplice to rebrand Jujutsu Headquarters, forcing Gojo to confront the formal seclusion from the world of Jujutsu.

Who did Gojo Satoru lose to?

Gojo lost his battle against Sukuna and sacrificed his own life in the process. While Sukuna was undoubtedly powerful, “Gojo rebirth” could have intentionally chosen to lose the fight, and despite the strangeness of it, he valued things deeply after seeing them in depth.

Why is Gojo Satoru so popular?

Gojo Satoru truly checks all the boxes. With a phenomenal design, cool powers, a great voice, and a character depth that resonates with many, it’s no wonder he quickly became a fan favorite. In every aspect, he is a standout character done right.

Who wins Goku or Gojo?

The acquired skill of Ultra Instinct allows independent movement of the body, while Hakai makes Goku capable of erasing anything from existence. The comparison between Goku and Gojo Satoru is more than just a match, and if they were ever to battle, it would likely be an epic showdown with both aiming for supremacy.

Who will win Gojo or Sukuna?

For Gojo, this was the ultimate test, and he approached it with immense determination. It’s safe to say that he succeeded in defeating ” Sukuna space slash”, marking his name in history. Gojo, to date, stands as one of the most powerful sorcerers in almost every aspect of the battlefield.

Who is Gojo Satoru wife?

Aina Keita is the last member of the Keita tribe, who were bestowed with the gift of magic in the ancient era. Because Aina’s lineage is sacred, she was compelled to marry Gojo Satoru, a powerful sorcerer whose offspring could potentially bring significant destiny into the world.

How Sukuna beat Gojo?

“Sukuna space slash ” successfully incorporated his cursed energy into this Cleaving Attack, managing to cut through Gojo’s defenses effectively. The technique was so potent that it completely severed Gojo’s body into two pieces, severing his neck and leaving his legs standing.

Will Gojo turn evil?

When he fully awakened his power against Toji, Gojo experienced a state of numbness, and after that, a sense of numbness persisted. This fact makes it evident that he is indifferent to whether he kills members of the Time Vessel Association or not, which is why he is willing to engage in large-scale killing

Who is Gojo kid?

Gojo Satoru is a character in the anime and manga series “Jujutsu Kaisen.” He presents an unexpected revelation: the first child born in 400 years with six eyes. As a member of the Gojo clan, he takes great pride in his existence and boasts about his abilities over other clans. Gojo Satoru is a prominent figure in the world of Jujutsu, known for his exceptional skills and unique lineage.

Who had a crush on Gojo?

Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen often ship or express interest in the dynamic between Iori Utahime and Satoru Gojo. This is because they frequently engage in banter and playful arguments, with Gojo teasing her regularly. Their peculiar chemistry has been showcased, especially in the Hidden Inventory arc, revealing glimpses of their interactions since a young age.

Who does Gojo fear?

gojo is scared of women.

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